RIO DE JANEIRO (AFP) - A burglar who endeavored to take a cellphone from a young lady in Rio de Janeiro took in the most difficult way possible that robbing a blended hand to hand fighting (MMA) contender who passes by the moniker "the Iron Lady" isn't an amazing thought. 

Polyana Viana, a Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) strawweight, carried the hapless perpetrator down with two punches and a kick and held him in a "raise bare stifle" before influencing him to sit and hang tight for the police, she told the games site MMA Junkie. 

The endeavored wrongdoing happened late Saturday (Jan 5) as Viana, 27, was sitting tight for a Uber outside her loft square. She said the man revealed to her he had a weapon however she construed it most likely wasn't genuine and regardless "he won't have room schedule-wise to draw it" before she went enthusiastically. 

Subsequent to quelling the attacker she found the weapon was in certainty a cardboard imitation of a gun. 

Viana posted pictures of the future looter, looking discouraged and wounded, with blood on his sleeveless shirt and on a hand, as she kept his arm in a "kimura-like position" until the point when the police arrived. 

"Since he took the punches rapidly, I think he was frightened," she told the site. 

She said that, after the speculate's handling by police and treatment for his wounds, she returned home and made supper. Her hands hurt a bit the following day, however nothing genuine and she was generally safe. 

Muggings are a consistent hazard in Rio and different urban communities in Brazil. The nation's new president, Jair Bolsonaro, was chosen on guarantees to get serious about wrongdoing.
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