LONDON (REUTERS) - The scan for Cardiff City's new football star, Emiliano Sala, continued on Wednesday (Jan 23) 36 hours after the light flying machine he was flying on vanished in the English Channel. 

Sala was flying from the French city of Nantes to Cardiff for his club make a big appearance when the plane lost radar contact off the English Channel island of Guernsey late on Monday. 

"We have continued seeking," Guernsey police said. 

"Two planes are taking off and will look through a focused on zone we accept has the most noteworthy probability of discovering anything, in light of survey of the tides and climate since it disappeared." 

Safeguard airplane and vessels had looked in excess of 1,000 square miles (2,590 square km) of ocean for the single-motor Piper Malibu by late morning on Tuesday. 

The 28-year-old Argentine-brought into the world forward joined battling Cardiff City from FC Nantes a week ago for a club record expense of about €17 million (S$26.3 million), in the wake of scoring 12 objectives for the French club this season. 

In a voice message left by Sala, distributed by Argentinian paper Clarin, he said that it appeared as if the plane was "going to crash". 

The plane had been cruising at 5,000 feet (1,525 m) when the pilot asked for to slide to a lower elevation on passing Guernsey. It lost radar contact at 2,300 feet (700 m), the police said. 

Police said that they had seen various gliding objects in the water on Tuesday, yet had been not able decide if they were from the missing air ship. 

The police said they had discovered no indications of those on board, and that if the air ship arrived on water, the odds of survival were thin.
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